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Plate and frame press filter ( Hydraulic press filter)

  pecification: 450, 630, 800, 900, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1600

  The hydraulic pressure filter press is one kind of intermittent-like pressure filtration equipment, the liquid-solid separations for various suspending liquids, separates the effect to be good, the easy to operate, widely is used in the petroleum, chemical industry, dye, metallurgy, drugs manufacture, food, papermaking, coal washing and sewage treatment and other kinds needs to carry on the liquid-solid separation the domain.

  The filter press mainly by four major parts, namely: Rack section, filtration part, hydraulic pressure and electric control part. When the filter press works, the cylinder in vivo's piston impels the compaction board, will be located at the filter plate and filter medium between compaction board and thrust plate (filter cloth) compaction, to guarantee has the working pressure was filtered the material (ground paste) to carry on the pressure filtration in the straining chamber.

  Rack section: The rack forms filter press's foundation, with support the filtration organization, to connect other parts. It is mainly composed of the thrust plate, compaction board, compaction part and king post.

  Filtration part: Arranges by Israeli certain order on king post the filter plate and clamps in the filter plates the filter medium (filter cloth) is composed, forms one each one filtration unit (straining chamber).

  Hydraulic pressure part: It is the power unit of filter press, the major component has the hydraulic pressure to stand with the cylinder composition.

  Electrical part: It is complete machine's control center, through control hydraulic pressure station, thus controls the entire filter press. The complete machine structural design is reasonable, stable property is reliable, the simplicity of operator, the service convenience, the applicable scope is broad, is the ideal equipment of suspending liquid separation.

  Our company is specialized in the production pressure filter. The production of filter specifications and diverse, and well-equipped models, and advanced technology, good quality and reasonable design, complete machine structure properties is stable and reliable, simple operation and easy maintenance, it is the ideal equipment separated flocculent.

  Our company's hydraulic pressure filter will be able to achieve pressure immediately, filtering, washing, cross-cutting washing, drying process, such as, momentarily. There is a reinforced polypropylene, rubber, cast iron, stainless steel, divide squeeze many kinds of materials and structures, such as the filter plate, wide application range.

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