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Paddle dryer (cooler)


  Paddle dryer (cooler) is a compact, indirect-heat equipment with high thermal efficiency. By mechanical structure, it is made up of top cover, rotating shaft, trough, dryer frame and driving unit. Paddle shaft is key part of the dryer, which consists of hollow shaft(s) and hollow blade with special flow channels. The trough is inclined to horizontal. Wet cake is fed into the inlet nozzle and transported to the outlet nozzle due to the rotation of shaft and gravity. Dried product is transported to downstream process after overflow the dam. The thermal is transferred to (or from) the material via hollow blade, hollow shaft and jacket to implement the purpose of heating or cooling.

  Paddle dryer (cooler) is mainly used in process of drying, reacting, cooling, crystallizing, evaporating, sterilizing, low temperature roasting etc. for non heat-sensitive organic and inorganic products and heat sensitive products in vacuum condition. It can also be used for combined multi-application.

  By heating medium, paddle dryer can be classified as steam type (saturated steam or superheated steam) and liquid type (water or oil, hot or cool). By operation method, it can be categorized into continuous and batch type. By the number of paddle shaft, it can be categorized into single shaft, twin-shaft and quad-shaft. By operating pressure, paddle dryer can be categorized into vacuum type, atmospheric type and pressurized type.

  Usually two paddle shafts rotate in opposite directions as a coupled rotors. Specially designed paddles secures sufficient contact between the blade surface and the material. Owing to the wedged shaping of blade, material can be pressed and released alternatively in the axial direction, which makes paddle blades self-cleaning. Relative shear force between blades and material keeps blades clean for better heat and mass transfer.


  Compact structure with large heat exchange surface and small installation space

  Even distribution, high thermal efficiency, good drying effect

  No adhere with self-cleaning wedge-shaped paddles

  Low energy consumption and low operation cost Low dust and material loss

  Indirect-heating (cooling), no contamination to product.

  Simple control interface, flexile and reliable operation

  Gas-tight for toxic and odorous products

  Multifunction for different process


  By heat-exchange area, there are specifications from 2 to 350m2, with shaft speed 5 to 20rpm. Hollow blades can be wedged or disk type. Customized design is available.


  Paddle dryer (cooler) is widely used for the drying or cooling of slurry, powder, pellets, filter cake and other materials in petrochemical, inorganic chemical, metallurgy, architecture, environment, dye and colorants, foodstuff, pharmaceutical, sledge and etc, typical product application as below:

  Petrochemical: polyolefin powder, high/low density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene, Polyacetal, Nylon6, Nylon 66, acetate fiber, Poly-Phenylene Sulfide, PP based resin, PP, SAN, ABS, PVC, PS, PVA, molecular sieve, Catalyst, plastic additive

  Environment: PTA sludge, pharmaceutical waste residue, surge factory residue, industry sludge, electroplating sludge, urban sewage, coal powder

  Feedstuff: soy mill waste, bone feedstuff, brewery dreg, vinegar dreg, apple dreg, orange peel, bean dreg, fish powder, feed additive, bio-sludge

  Foodstuff starch, coco bean, corn, salt, milk powder, sugar

  Pharmaceutical: p-aminophenol, medicine

  Chemical: active carbon, Calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, anhydrous sodium sulfate, titanium pigment, sodium hydrocarbon, potassium chloride, titanium tetrachloride, silicon carbide, sodium hydroxide, ferric oxide, Glauber's salt, sodium carbonate, nitrogen phosphorous potassium compound fertilizer, kaolin, bentonite, silica aerogel, carbon black, phosphogysum, magnesium carbonate, sodium fluoride, Aluminum hydroxide, barium sulfate, calcium sulfate, dyestuff and intermediate, molecular sieve, saponin

  Architecture: gypsum, Calcium carbonate, tricalcium phosphate

  Cooling: Sodium carbonate, nylon salt, phosphate salt, etc.

The main parameters

规格 传热面积
YBSG-1 1 1.5~3 1.5~15 1500 600 740
YBSG-2 2 2.2~4 1.5~15 2340 600 740
YBSG-2.5 2.5 3~5 1.5~15 2500 600 800
YBSG-4 4 3~5.5 1.5~15 3300 800 800
YBSG-6 6 4~7.5 1.5~15 3500 900 1000
YBSG-8 8 5.5~11 1.5~15 3900 900 1200
YBSG-10 10 7.5~11 1.5~15 4000 1250 1450
YBSG-15 15 11~15 1.5~15 5200 1400 1720
YBSG-20 20 7.5~11 0.5~10 5500 1700 1800
YBSG-25 25 15~22 0.5~10 6000 1700 1900
YBSG-30 30 15~30 0.5~10 6000 2000 2000
YBSG-40 40 22~35 0.5~10 6500 2000 2000
YBSG-60 60 35~55 0.5~10 8150 2150 2400
YBSG-80 80 35~75 0.5~10 9000 2500 2500
YBSG-100 100 55~75 0.5~10 9300 3000 2700
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