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Vertical automatic filter press machine


  (1)、Device Profile and Features:

  It is a solid-liquid separation equipment with high-efficiency, energy-saving and high automation degree. This equipment adopts the pump pressure, material gravity and air pressure or water pressure to form the differential pressure on both sides of the cloth, so it can achieve the high efficiency solid-liquid separation. It widely use in mine, metallurgy, chemical industry, enviromental protection, medicine, foodstuff and etc.


  1) The layered structure of filter plate adopts guide device to make sure the smoothly running.

  2) It can continuously automatically finish the operation in the process of filtering, extrusion, washing, drying, discharge and filter cloth regeneration;

  3) The filter pressure can reach 1.6Mpa. Especially have good effect on various sticky tiny materials and low moisture of filter cake;

  4) Hydraulic pressure is adopted in the drive device; keep the equipment safety in operation;

  5) Adopts PLC + touch screen + automatic valves to control, with the characteristics of flexible and simple operation, reduce the production cost and working strength;

  6) Compact structure, covers small area, large pressure and high working efficiency;

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