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Iron oxide red


Iron oxide red 101, 110, 120, 130, 140, 190

Iron yellow 313 iron black, iron brown and all colors

Iron oxide red 130



Fe2O3 content ≥ 96%, 94%

water-soluble matter 0.3%

PH value 5-7

screen residue (325-mesh) 0.3%,

moisture 1%, oil absorption 15-25%,

tinctorial strength 100-105.



Varied hues of color in line with many specifications, fine bright red powder though in a variety of specifications. Better dispersion. Strong covering power and tinctorial strength, a specific gravity of about 5.1, and average particle size < 1 micron. Small water absorption, good penetrability for ultraviolet ray, more stable in the atmosphere and under the sunlight, good light-fastness, heat and good alkali resistance, only soluble in the hot strong acid.



Small soft grain, easier for grinding, applied as colorant for paint production of the coatings industry, rubber coloring, marble production, floor terrazzo and wall painted finish, as the colorant and filler for the production of other ferro-containing chemical products, plastic coloring, asbestos, varnished cloth, painted paper, leather and leather finishing agent, and as polishing material for hardware equipment, optical glass, optical instrument and jade.


Net weight 25 kg in brown paper bag or knitting bag outside ,plastic bag inside.


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