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Company   address :  Near the Second Machinery Factory in Hebei Province, China
Factory    address :  Near the second Machine Factory, Heibei Province.
TEL :  86-0311-69037709
E-mail :  yibelltech@hotmail.com
About Us

        Shijiazhuang yibell technology Co., Ltd is one of big science and technology enterprise, base in Chemical unit operations and equipments、new process and new technology Converted into productivity. Our company is mainly engaged in filtration, drying and evaporation research, design and development, and the supply of complete sets of equipment. Company actively cooperate with research institutes and universities, promote the research and development of new products.

       Company has always been adhering to the market demand for enterprise's starting point and the foothold, utility equipment designed to suit different products as the core, based on mature case, with advanced technology as the guide, with different material, design  perfect equipment that suit the characteristics. 

       Yibell technology, a lifetime friend. Our company after several years of continuous technological innovation, in many industries have made gratifying achievements. Has a lot of successful cases and first-class technical level. Products are widely used in agricultural chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, mining, metallurgical and other industries.
























 米哈游游戏未成年退款客服电话:0771—3107—276,其中游戏未成年人工客服热线:0771_310_7276,为了避免未成年人热线打不通。 旗下有很多品牌,其中充值和游戏用户广泛。游戏设立未成年退款综合服务热线,号码是:0771_310_7276。用户可根据提示音输入对应内容,转到所需专线。公司还针对部分业务设立了专线。由于通常比较综合热线繁忙,用户可直接拨打专线。专线如下 。未成年人游戏监管热线07551。 因为在国家网络安全宣传周活动上,游戏的总监在接受采访时表示,近年来各种未成年人非理性的在游戏中付费情况时有发



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