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CAB 35%


Cocamidopropyl betaine (CAB) 35%

Other Names: Lauroamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamido propyl Betaine,



Appearance Pale yellow transparent liquid

Free amino acids(%)------------------------------------0.5max

NaCl(%)--------------------------------------------------- 6max

PH Value--------------------------------------------------4.5-5.5

Solid content(%)-----------------------------------------35±2

glycerin(%)----------------------------------------------- 3max



This product is a gender surfactants, good cleaning, foaming, toning effect, and anion and cation and nonionic surfactant compatibility.

This product performance, mild excitant small, delicate and stable foam, suitable for configuration, shampoo, bath dew, lotions etc, can enhance the skin to the hair, softness.

This product with moderate anionic surfactant compatibility, has obvious effect of thickening, conditioners, wetting agents, fungicide, antistatic agent, etc.

Because of this product has good effect of bubbles, widely used in oil, main effect is thinner, flooding as oil and foam agents, make full use of its surface activity, infiltration, permeability and stripping of crude oil, improve oily sludge in three commonly. Used for preparation of metal antirust paint stripped detergent and etc.


Package 200/210/220kg plastic drums


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