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White spirit


White spirit / Low aromatic Industrial White Spirit

Appearance: Liquid

Color: Clear

Aromatic Value: 15 - 17%

Viscosity: 0.4 - 0.5 Cps



Brand Name:    White Spirit

Solvents:    Blue

Grade:    Industrial Grade

Appearance:    Liquid

Color:    Clear

Aromatic Value:    15 - 17%

Minimum Order Quantity:    80 Barrel/Barrels New Steel drums

Packaging Details:    160kg Steel drum


Appearance: Clear Liquid free from suspended matter

Viscosity: 0.4 – 0.5 Cps.

Color: Water White

Sp.Gravity at 20ºC: 0.775

Flash Point: 42 º C.

Distillation Range: 153 º C.- 237 º C.

Dry Point: 237 º C.

Aromatic Value: 15 – 17%

KB Value: 38% by weight

Sulphur Content: < 5 ppm

Acidity Content: Nil

Corrosion: None

Water Content: Nil


Application: It is widely used as a solvent for all alkyd paints, primers, varnishes, aluminum paints, and thinners. White Spirit that we offer is free from impurities and highly appreciated for its quality.


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